Mary Lynn Burke


5 stars! Excellent customer service, attention to detail and follow through. I would highly recommend!



I cannot think of enough adjectives to describe how wonderful our experience with Mary was. She truly took the time to capture our family in our element. No stiff poses. Nothing fake. The photos just felt authentic and warm. They personified the joy and love we share as a family all while highlighting the beautiful light and scenery of our beloved Wainui Beach. I will treasure these memories forever and cannot recommend Mary enough. She is a true master of her art. 


Much love to you,



Mary's photo session was the most memorable and wonderful photoshoot I've ever had.

Mary walked around my yard to find the right spots to take pictures, crawled on the lawn to take the best shots, and said jokes to make us smile naturally. So, all the pictures she took are amazing. I feel like I hear a laugh from the photos.

I have something I can't forget during a photo session with her, so I would like to share it.

During the photo session, my third child and I had a little argument because she insisted on wearing her Minnie Mouse slippers on the lawn. I didn't want to allow it. Because I hated getting any dirt on them, and I thought it was a weird idea to wear slippers for taking pictures. But Mary smiled and told me, "Well, can I take a picture of her with those slippers? It's cute and very unique."

At that moment, I understood the beauty and preciousness of that moment.
I mean, I realized the all I want to capture is this kind of moment. Like my daughter's fluffy slippers in the backyard,  a unique fashion idea, their mischiefs, and their big laughter... Such moments will be gone or forgotten one after another. No matter how carefully I keep in my mind. 

Thank you, Mary. 
You took "real" moments, which make me realize the importance of family. Your pictures are put on the wall of my living room and bring us a happy smile every time we see them.


We were very humbled by the most beautiful experience that we had with the help of Mary ,it was the very first photoshoot for our daughter’s first birthday. Had no idea on what to do but Mary guided us all the way, she made it all easy because we were ourselves all through the session and all the captures were so beautiful . Mary gave me enough time to select the photos that we wanted ,we ordered some photo frame size prints and a flash drive which Mary delivered herself, it was so beautifully wrapped and the photos were perfect! This was my best experience and am glad we had Mary’s help all the way.

May God bless her warm heart! Always looking forward to another session! Forever Gratful,

M K.


Mary is an amazing photographer and I am so thankful we were able to use her to capture those precious moments with our one month old baby! She immediately made everyone feel comfortable - especially the older kids and by the end of it, she felt like part of the family. At first my middle daughter was having a tough time smiling for a few portrait pictures but Mary was able to use her “Mary magic” and got my daughter to smile in the sweetest way - even to this day we call it the “Mary smile” when we ask her to smile for a picture. And it still works!


We even threw some extra family at Mary who were visiting from out of town. She was delighted to incorporate them into some pictures and we got the most beautiful cousin shot that is now framed and hung in multiple homes. I really appreciated Mary’s flexibility and gentle approach to handling a large group.


After the photo shoot, Mary was quick to get the photos on her website where we could access them with a password. She was very easy to communicate with and responded quickly with any question I had about prints. I am extremely happy with the wooden panels I ordered. The use of colors and texture she mixed is simply stunning. Mary is quite unique in what she offers and we were very happy with the prints we received as well. The quality is very high.


Overall, Mary was an absolute joy to work with! I highly recommend her!




Very nice picture! I love the colors!



Thank you so much for your quick response, the art arrived in perfect condition.  We really do love the canvas in the float frame and it is perfect for the wall behind my boss' desk.



Thank you Mary Lynn! I had my print framed locally and it turned out lovely. I plan to hang it as soon as my nursery is done.