Mary Lynn Burke


 Solar  Signatures 

Formations_51922 - Burke27224.jpg

 ART Created From
the Sun and Sea

Solar Signatures are camera-less photographs on paper, straight from the heart of our Mother.

The day brought us rain and a southerly wind. Just enough sun filtered through the clouds to provide me the ability to experience the glimmers, shadows and reflections that grace us. The sun paints this planet, brings us rainbows and all life joyfully receives a moment to dazzle. My gratefulness for the light and warmth of the sun and the healing and humbleness brought to me by this force of the sea has me diving deeper into my work, striving to encapsulate this emotion.
I would like to surrender to the mystery and sacredness of our planet by allowing the elements of nature become center stage. I will arrive unencumbered and join in the symphony of my surroundings.
I return from the beach with these camera-less impression on paper, impossible without the light of our sun and the movement of the sea, an original Solar Signature ©. This marks the introduction to a new series: Solar Signatures
These works will be created without a camera or a lens, but are original photographs on paper, straight from the heart of our Mother. Exploring our affection and response for our pure and “unfixed” forms of self, life, living and our Earth.

In the sea of life, there is obvious evidence of change, growth and age. Humans enter this world with tender curiosity. Youthfulness embodies our vibrant embrace of life and love. Society and experience molds our minds, we become. 
Solar Signatures projects the natural evolution of our own narrative, our history, our joys, our pains, our beautiful, unconcealed, unaltered forms. In the light and from the light, we are unmistakably our truth. 
This body of work challenges the superimposed, ultra-filtered, radically controlled versions of ourselves, life and our Earth’s landscapes being broadcasted today. Displaying and sharing work that is a direct reflection to the original, true creation as it was born, “unfixed”. As in all life, my works will change with age. An impermanence mimicking our sacred self portraits and the self portrait of our dear Mother Earth.