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" It was here where I realized my true love for art and a whole new world emerged in my heart."

I am an American mixed media artist, full of life and energy for the thrill of what I will create tomorrow.  In August of 2021, after more than two years living abroad on the East Coast of New Zealand, our family returned to our Boston-area home at the meadow. It is evident that travel has inspired immense growth and offerings of peace within my soul and art. The first seed of awareness for the artist within me was planted with a move from my home state of Michigan to a brownstone apartment in Boston. This transition proved to be a pivotal moment in many ways. It brought with it a rush of emotions as I processed the excitement and energy of the city, along with an unexpected life event. Unable to fully express all that was happening in my heart, I picked-up a camera. With the encouragement of a photography professor and my partner, I left my Social Work position and enrolled in a professional photography program.  It was here where I realized my true love for art and a whole new world emerged in my heart. Still unsure where this newfound love would fit into my life, I began building my photography skills through family portraiture, weddings, events and assisting established photographers in various roles and genres.

"An art studio was born with her, life became blissfully busy." 

Once I began developing my own personal portfolio, I found joy exhibiting these works at the South End Open Market in Boston. At the same time, our first daughter was born and life blossomed into parenting.  A few years later, with our second daughter on the way, our family moved just outside of the city.  An art studio was born with her, life became blissfully busy.  


As our two children have grown into school-age I have slowly found more time to reveal and explore my passion for art.  But, not too much time to settle into a rhythm. In 2019, we followed a dream of living abroad.  We moved to a gorgeous coastal surf and wine region in New Zealand.  This move has provided the most tranquil setting to begin to process and refresh some outdated narratives formed from my past.  

Mom with daughters in wagon, Wilson Farm, Lexington, Massachusetts, Lexington, Massachusetts Artist

"It is my highest hope and dream to inspire others to love and nurture themselves too."

I have turned my attention more fully to my photography, painting and experimenting with new media without fear or judgement. My love for impressionistic art is clearly imagined through my photography as I enjoy using movement and layers while creating each exposure.  Many years of collecting inspiration and ideas while parenting and soul searching have now found their way into the world through painting as well.  I enjoy both playfulness and subtle, soothing brushstrokes.  Mark-making and a mixture of media sometimes make their way into my pieces, allowing the full inspiration and moment to be formed. 


Creating art has allowed me to discover my inner beauty, strength and voice.  It is my highest hope and dream to inspire others to love and nurture themselves too.

Artist Statement

"This is the absolute essence of my work: self-acceptance, belonging, and gentleness with ourselves."

My current work is diverse as I explore mediums, styles and expressionism within emotional abstracts and landscapes. I adore working with my instincts to understand just what is happening in my heart and mind.  Setting no agenda for the outcome has proven to be a favorite way to work.  It is through this process, that I have come to accept myself just as I am.  This is the absolute essence of my work: self-acceptance, belonging, and gentleness with ourselves. I have discovered a new resilient narrative to my history and hope that my work inspires others to see the beauty in their uniqueness.  

I wander with my camera, I wander with my paints. After layers, a variety of movement, a symphony of colors, form and texture represent my journey in life.  

Woman wearing black on the beach at night, New Zealand Beach, New Zealand Ocean photographer, Ocean Artist in New Zealand, New Zealand Artist Outdoor Studio, Impressionistic Photography
Female artist carrying paper towards the ocean on a New Zealand beach, Makorori Beach, Gisborne, New Zealand, Hills in New Zealand

Solar Signatures Artist Statement

"In the light and from the light, we are unmistakably our truth."

In the sea of life, there is obvious evidence of change, growth and age. Humans enter this world with tender curiosity. Youthfulness embodies our vibrant embrace of life and love. Society and experience molds our minds, we become. 
Solar Signatures projects the natural evolution of our own narrative, our history, our joys, our pains, our beautiful, unconcealed, unaltered forms. In the light and from the light, we are unmistakably our truth. 
This body of work challenges the superimposed, ultra-filtered, radically controlled versions of ourselves, life and our Earth’s landscapes being broadcasted today. Displaying and sharing work that is a direct reflection to the original, true creation as it was born, “unfixed”. As in all life, my works will change with age. An impermanence mimicking our sacred self portraits and the self portrait of our dear Mother Earth. 
These are camera-less impressions on paper, impossible without the light of our sun and the movement of the sea, an original Solar Signature. 
Solar Signatures are original photographs on paper, straight from the heart of our Mother.


Instagram:  I share my thoughts and inspirations quite freely in my Instagram account. I hope you will check in often and join in the conversation.  




Live Gallery Interview

Here, I'm being interviewed by Mīharo Gallery.  While living abroad, my art was included in exhibits and events with this beautiful gallery in Gisborne, New Zealand. Watch the interview here.


Featured Artist Interview with Boston Voyager Magazine

I was so thrilled to be contacted for an interview with this beautiful publication, Boston Voyager. I share how I discovered my love for photography and art and a bit about my inspirations. 


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